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Welcome to Spa Urbania. We are the best Spa in Bangalore. Here we explained our services and treatments of our spa.

Female to Male Body massage:

Female to male massage is a Popular massage in our parlour. There are a large number of customers have often taking the female to male body massage. We proudly say We are the best massage parlor in Bangalore. Here we have an extreme number of hot girls, female massage therapist to massage your Body. Men should take a massage, because of hard work and pressure.

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Men’s Massage:

There are plenty of pressure faced by men each and every day. So, his body and mind should face pressure and tension. He needs to refresh his body and mind, otherwise, there are many problems will happen at a particular age. Female to Male massage is the perfect one to get relaxed. If you are a male in Bangalore and you are seeking massage means just call us. We should provide an ultimate Female to male Nude massage in our Spa.

In Female to male massage type, Nude girls will massage your body. They are using her body to massage your all parts 🙂 This should be awesome feel for you. If you never feel that massage visit here, we will provide awesome female to male massage service.

You and the beautiful lady can do anything in the massage room. Many people in Bangalore doing hard work to earn money and other state people also here. Day and Night they are working hard. In young age, there will be no problem for your health. But at a particular age, all the problems will happen. If you want to avoid those problems means visit our Spa and take Female to Male body massage in Bangalore.

Ayurvedic Massage center:

Ayurvedic massage is the type of massage. Here we provide a massage with full of Ayurvedic items. Oil, Powder, Soap, Cream and all the necessary things used in our Spa is Ayurvedic and Natural.

If you really want to take Kerala Ayurvedic massage means contact or Vist our Spa. Girls are really awesome to do Ayurvedic massage. In our Spa, there are lots of beautiful young girls are available. They gently provide Ayurvedic Body massage to you. The person who takes Ayurvedic massage regularly whose lifetime should be increased.

body to body massage in bangalore

Thai Massage in Bangalore:

Traditional Thai massage has not used any oil, lotion or cream to massage your Body. Thai massage deals with Massage giver and receiver. Instead of Rubbing your Body, the Massage provider gives an acupuncture, compression, and pulling your body. Thai massage is a powerful ancient massage.

There are many Bangalore citizens likes Thai Massage, because of the massage benefits. Nepalians and some of the North Indian people really outstanding to give Thai Massage. We have both male and female Thai massage expert. You can choose whoever you need. Thai massage is fully based on Bodywork, no other products are used to give this type massage. Indian people like to take this Massage.

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Topless Body to Body massage in Bangalore:

Massage Provider doesn’t wear tops. They provide massage with nude body. Some of the persons like to take Topless massage. This is same like as Booby massage. Female massage therapist provides massage with their boobs.

They are rubbing their boobs with your Body and it should give relaxation for all men. Nobody dislikes Topless massage. Because Boobs are so soft and skinny. By pressing boobs with your body, you should get a new feel and get relaxed your mind. I know you want to do this massage. Contact Immediately to book this massage 🙂

female to male massage
female to male massage

Erotic Female to male massage in Bangalore:

Some of the persons have some problem for erection. The Penis not get erected immediately. If you are one among them please take the Erotic massage. Because statistics told, the person took Erotic massage whose sperms are reproduced easily and erection stands a long time. The girl will provide this massage. By rubbing your Penis she makes you feel erect. Erotic massage is a valuable Massage.

Best Russian Body Massage & Sex with Girls in Bangalore:

Russian Girls are very expert to do massage and sex. Here we have a good number of Russian Girls. They look like Horse that means very tall, chubby, curved and big. Who likes to ride a Russian Horse in our massage center? 🙂

Russian Girls are very active and fast. They should satisfy your needs 100% without any doubt. Russian Girls are best to do a handjob, Blowjob and Throat Fucking.

Thai massage

Thai massage is one among the best massage to relax your body and mind. Ancient Thai people discovered Thai massage treatment. Thai massage does not consist any oil or cream to massage your body. It deals with compression, pulled and rocked instead of rubbing the body.

Spa Urbania is the best spa to provide Thai massage in Bangalore. Our masseur melting your body and mind by providing the Thai massage treatment. An Ordinary massage center does not have thai massage service. Professional parlors only provide this kind of massage in India. Spa Urbania is one among that. The masseur following the many rules while providing the Thai massage. Otherwise, the receiver can’t get 100% benefit from this treatment.


Thai massage treatment starts with some stretching and meditation treatment. After that, the receiver sends to the full body Thai massage service. It helps to release stress, tension, body pressure. It increases the blood circulation and the beauty.

In Today’s world, plenty of new massages and treatments have arrived. But Ancient healing therapy still stands as number one healing therapy in the world. If you want to take Thai spa service means, Call us now and book your timing.

Thai massage Price is 2500 Rs and you can able to visit our spa 27 hours per day and 7 days in a week.

Sensual massage

In ancient days, Sensual massage aka Erotic massage is used for health and medical purposes. But nowadays, Sensual massage is highly targeted Massage for Sexual massage seekers. Both Male and female can take a Sensual massage. In this type, the masseur touches and rubs the most sensitive parts of the human body that process can help to stimulate the hormones.


Sensual massage for Male & Female:

Mostly, plenty of men often takes Sensual massage from our Spa. Of course, we (ocean spa) is one of the best spa in Bangalore. That is why people often come to our massage center and take a sensual spa service. Not only sensual massage but also various kinds of spa services are available in our spa.

If you are a male and take a Sensual massage in our spa means, we offer a girl to massage your body. Men often facing the premature ejaculation, Desire disorders, Orgasm disorders, Arousal disorders, Pain disorders and much more. If you have any of the disorder in our list or wanted to improve your sperm count and strengthen your sexual power means, take a Sensual massage. Sensual massage helps to cure most of the common sexual problems.

Our masseur touches and stimulates the sexual organs on your body. Both sexual and foreplay games are included in this type. Our branches available in Indiranagar, Hebbal, Koramangala and many other areas in Bangalore. Sensual massage price is 3000 rs/-

Call us for more details and take a Sensual or Erotic massage.

We can also provide Erotic massage for a girl. Both male and female massage therapist are available to do this massage if you are a girl. You can choose the masseur from our spa.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic is one among the popular massage in the world. Dhanvandhiri is the Physician of the God who founded the Ayurvedic massage. Scientifically proved Ayurvedic massage is the one which relief tension, pressure and toxin from our body. That is why people want to take an Ayurvedic massage. Let us see in detail.

Ayurvedic spa

What is Ayurvedic massage:

Ayurveda is a System of a medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. Especially, In Kerala Ayurvedic medicine, treatments and spa are very famous. They followed the core system of ancient Ayurvedic techniques to treat the body. Ayurvedic medicine is one type of relief from diseases. Ayurvedic massage is an another type. In Ayurvedic massage, there are many rules should be followed. Only a few of the massage centers/parlors in Bangalore proving the Ayurvedic massage treatment. Among that, Spa Urbania Ayurvedic massage center is very famous.

Here we use the exact oil used in the Kerala and we also have the Kerala masseur to massage your body. So, you can get extreme relaxation and benefits of Ayurvedic massage from Spa Urbania. The oil has reduced the friction of your body and stabilized the body heat. So, that your blood circulation will be normal. It also removed more than 90% of toxin from your body. So, that only people wondering to take Ayurvedic spa treatment.

If you want to take Traditional Ayurvedic massage in Bangalore means, Contact us. We are the professional massage center in Bangalore to provide all kind of massages.

Ayurvedic massage

Types & Benefits:

Ayurvedic Acupuncture and head massage are a highly demanded massage in our Spa. Because of the Ayurvedic massage has lots of types and benefits. If you take Ayurvedic massage from our spa means, we will provide all types of massage like a head massage, oil massage, acupuncture and more. Many persons wanted to take Ayurvedic massage to reduce the weight. Yes, it has the power to reduce the body weight.

Affordable Body massage | Happy Endings, Blowjob, Handjob, Throat Fuck:

Here we provide affordable Body massage in Bangalore. The body massage includes Happy Endings, Blowjob, Handjob and Throat Fucking. Russian and Kerala Girls do this type of service. Just visit our Spa and Get all type of massage and have fun.

I hope you like our services. We are the best Body to body massage in Bangalore. If you like our services means just call us 9620871409. Otherwise, go to Contact Page and Send the message to us.

If you want the body massage at right now means Call us immediately. We are Professional  Spa in Bangalore. We 100% assure your privacy and safety 🙂

Getting a Body massage: